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In 2018 Ecoensemble Duo recorded several compositions for flute and piano composed by Teresa Procaccini. The CD "Teresa Procaccini's Chamber Music" has been released in 2019 by Edi-Pan

Comics n. 2 ("i Cardi") for flute and piano op. 251
Nenia pfor flute and piano op. 200
Petite Promenade n. 2 for flute solo op. 236
Chanson for flute and piano op. 210
Nuages for piccolo and piano op. 144

Released in 2017, New Music for Flute, Oboe and Piano include only original composition commissioned by Ecoensemble Trio, who gave their first performance, and are dedicated to the Trio itself.

List of compositions on the CD:
Teresa Procaccini Trio for flute, oboe and piano op. 225 (2013)
Robert Delanoff Tenerezze (2012)
Mauro Cardi Arabesque (2011)
Jan Freidlin Eclogue to Echo (2010)
Jan Freidlin Grottesque et Buffonade (2011)
Nickos Harizanos A day to the Circus op. 116 (2010)
Carlo Mastropietro Jazz Lied (2012)
Carlo Mastropietro Fiction Sonata (2014)

New Music for Flute, Oboe and Piano has been released by Taukay and it is available on iTunes.

In 2012 Ecoensemble released a CD by La Bottega Discantica with the most best-known and brilliant compositions for flute, oboe and piano:

Madeleine Dring, Trio (1968)
Igor Stravinskij, Suite (1917, arr. Giulia D’Andrea)
Philippe Gaubert, Tarantelle (1903)
Malcolm Arnold, Suite Bourgeoise (1940)
Robert Delanoff, Noble Tafelmusik (1989)
Cristina Landuzzi, Il canto di Orfeo – quaderno terzo (2010)
Jules Demersseman, Fantasia concertante op. 36

The CD is also available on iTunes

For its first CD, released in 2004, Ecoensemble Trio selected works rarely performed and some recorded for the first time.

Jean-Michel Damase, Trio (1961)
Franco Margola, La Longobarda (1977)
Eugène Goossens, Pastorale et Arlequinade (1924)
Giordano Tunioli, Trio alle stelle (2000)
Gordon Jacob, Trio (1958)
Gordon Jacob, Introduzione e Allegro alla Tarantella (1980)

The CD is available on iTunes